Frigoriferi Industriali

Refrigerated Storage and Air Conditioning Systems for Industrial use

The Frigoriferi Industriali Cooperative was formed in 1984 by the expert staff of Frigoriferi Industriali S.R.L.The ten years of experience gained in the field of refrigeration, transformation and conservation applying the most advanced innovative technology ha made it possible to acquire unequalled knowledge placing the company among the leaders in the sector. 

Frigoriferi Industriali Società Cooperativa designs and manufactures small and large food refrigeration and conservation plant. In more than 20 years of business the company has gained vast experience in refrigerated storage and considerable know-how in the fruit and vegetables sector.Frigoriferi Industriali can count on a highly qualified staff capable of ensuring an efficient service throughout the territory.


Company strategy involves the greatest interest in technology with the objective of applying conceptually new principles and technology to the refrigerated storage sector. 
In this context the Company has created a special rapport with suppliers for exchanging experience gained in the production of the most advanced technologically innovative plant.

Quality and Certification

Frigoriferi Industriali uses quality as an effective instrument for continual improvement in the products and services given to the clients, in addition to ensuring high quality standards in company processes.
Frigoriferi Industriali has a Quality Management system certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

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