Refrigeration Plants
Refrigerator cells, Refrigeration Plant and Accessory Systems for the processing and conservation of fresh and deep frozen food products.

Deep Freeze Plant
Food Products

Controlled Atmosphere Plant

Ethylene Purification Plant

Hydro Cooler Plant

Vacuum-Cooler plant

Vacuum-Cooler plant for the washing a pre-cooling of mushrooms and large leaf vegetables.

Ice Plant
Ice Plant for the Production and Storage of Ice in Blocks or Flakes

Air Conditioning Plant
Industrial Air Conditioning and Climatization Plant for Production facilities, Dispatch areas and Process facilities in General

Liquid Cooling
Refrigeration Plant and Cooling systems for liquids: Water, Oil, Wine, Milk, Fruit Juices, Unfreezable Solutions and Process Liquids in General.

Germination Plant

Conservation of Seed and Cereals

Automation systems
Highly Advanced Technological Systems for Refrigerated Storage, Manufacture of Components, Development of Remote Control Computer Systems.